Rave Reviews

It's easy for me to share with you why we should work together ... but it's much more effective to let my clients, customers, peers, and colleagues share their experiences with you, in their own words!


I have increased my business network substantially...

"I have long been an entrepreneur - building businesses and running projects in a lot of different arenas - from property development to hospitality, retail to art trading. For the last couple of years I have been wanting to combine my energies to take my results to the next level and was lacking the clarity needed to do so. Through one personal breakthrough session with Loago I was able to fill in the gaps and see what I needed to do to make my dreams a reality.

The results have been outstanding: I have increased my business network substantially by resetting the benchmark even higher than I had previously thought possible with a clear plan of how to achieve my desired outcomes and have recently been approached by one of the world's leading financial services organisation to work with them on upcoming projects.

Tori Dixon-Whittle

Brand new car and promotion in 3 months!

"From the very depth of my heart I would like to thank you for your amazing talents. All the coaching you did with me has come in to play. I now have been promoted to manager which I never gave a thought to until we did the training together. I also have a brand new car which was on our list of goals. Never for a moment did I think that all these were achievable up until now in such a short period of time (three months).

It's been surreal for me. To top it all, my candle business on the side has opened up many doors. Thank you, yet once again for your guidance and mentoring in my new role. I could never thank you enough for bringing me on this wonderful journey of amazing opportunities." 

Judy Oehler - Update 

Even more important ... was that she followed up as a partner on my journey.

"Before working with Loago, I was faced with some difficult challenges, having recently lost my job, and health issues that nearly took my life. I was stuck. Loago spent a day with me to laser focus in on critical thought patterns and move me toward empowering solutions such as getting a new job amidst a sea of recurring rejection, and working on key personal shifts just as I was near folding and accepting a position overseas that would have undermined my support structure.

Through Loago's assistance I was able to better understand the issues and choices I could make to break through to a more empowering experience. There was one discussion that stands out where Loago assisted me, taking the time to go a little deeper into that issue, helping me discover what I thought was a challenge in one area was actually significantly influenced by another. As a man who likes to be self-reflective, I can say I doubt I would have made that same link looking through the clouds without a trusted guide of support.

Since focusing on these core areas, my sense of overriding direction has been clearer and I have secured a new job. I found even more important in my work with Loago was that she followed up as a partner on my journey. I recommend Loago to anyone wanting to turn their lives around, and achieve more, quicker and more efficiently.” 

Aaron B.

Secured tenant next day, after months of searching!

"After feeling stuck with my goal-setting and not being able to pinpoint what was holding me back I have to thank you for helping me clear so many limiting beliefs and allow myself to simply trust. It was only days after that those goals became reality and that stuck feeling just evaporated into an awesome journey of excitement and adventure!! Thank you Loago! Huuuuuuge hug!! Mmmwwahh!!" 

~ Paola Gonzales

Signed a JV, launched a new program & doubled my income.

"Loago’s mentoring and coaching helped to demystify the Law of Attraction and make it a practice I could apply to my business with confidence. She's on target with her suggestions and won't let you settle for anything less than the best. Just two months after joining her Quantum Manifesting Mastermind, I signed a joint venture, launched a new program and doubled my income." 

~ Catherine Walsh

Living proof that whatever she is doing, works.

“I met Loago when she was an Equity Analyst for an investment firm. The person whom she was then to the person she is today has no comparison whatsoever. Loago has made amazing shifts in her personal and professional life and I can only attest that she practices every inch of the work she preaches as she is living proof that whatever she is doing, works. I happily recommend Loago in every capacity of her business as I have been witness from the beginning of her Journey to where she is today.”

~ Angela Rojas

I feel like I can fly! It’s been a wonderful experience!

"The time I have spent with you in the two sessions I’ve attended has been transformational. While my brain understood the reason for gratitude, and it knew that affirmations are helpful, I learned from working with you that the emotions, the feelings, are the glue that transfers the brain knowledge to what I’m choosing to call heart knowledge.

And that heart knowledge is essential for success at whatever I am seeking – whether it’s world peace (!!), financial abundance, a fit lean and healthy body, a great relationship… I now know much deeper ways to gain the transformation I’ve been searching for over many years.  Actually, you have been the glue – or maybe the surgeon who opened the channel – a bit like open heart surgery!!

The tips you gave me – on how to connect better with my affirmations, the great Prosperity game (which I’m LOVING!) and the way you guided me so easily into truly “getting’ your coaching I believe  is the platform that is enabling me to soar.  It’s a done deal! Now I have to work on patience, and even that is easier, as you explained that the spiritual change comes first, then the physical.

Watch this space! I feel like I can fly! Thank you so much for your care, it’s been a wonderful  experience already!"

Fionna Sheppard

Raised my prices and my business is thriving.

"Before working with Loago, I wanted to raise my prices for a long time but I was afraid that I would lose business. Loago helped me to realise my worth and stop undervaluing myself. I have since raised my prices and my clients accepted it. I have even signed up new clients and my business is thriving. ... Whenever I find myself worrying about meeting my monthly income targets I reach for my Magic Manifesting Journal, complete the dream come true entry and I am back in a good space within minutes. And good things always follow."

~ Jared James

Secured new job at a higher income.

"I enrolled in the Money Magnet Bootcamp at a low in my life: I had been unemployed due to illness and was facing the prospect of losing my house. I applied the course material diligently and did every prescribed exercise. The first change I noticed was peace of mind and a greater appreciation for self. Soon after the course ended I secured a new job at a substantially higher income than at the height of my career before illness, and the hours are tailored to my needs. I was touched by Loago’s genuine joy when I shared the news about my new job. Thank you, Loago, for being a great mentor and friend. Thank you God!"

~ Andy Roman

$500 gift before Money Magnet Bootcamp was even over.

"I was able to put into practice and apply everything I learned from this class and see results right away. I received a surprise $500 cash gift before the course was even over.”

~ Karen Hill

Has become comfortable with money

"The processes taught in 'Money Magnet Bootcamp' stretched my imagination and helped me become comfortable with money at a deep core level.  I have continued to apply them and have increased my monthly income by more than $2,000."

~ Greg Nichols

Unexpected income.

"I have the most awesome story to share. I was trying to keep up a good money vibe whilst doing my tax return which was a mess this year. Then I had the thought to search the tax department for lost superannuation money. And lo and behold, $2,056 in lost super! And this was from a part time job I did many years ago that I never even signed superannuation documents for. WOW! Is it ok if I say I love you? I just did. Thank you so much for your coaching and support." 


Clients coming out of the woodwork.

“Before working with you I was over worked and not loving my business. I am glad to say those days are behind me. I am now more confident, motivated and once again having a good time in my business. One of my affirmations from the coaching was that clients were coming out of the woodwork to find me…and are they! Your blend of practical business advice and law of attraction teachings came into my life at the right time. I am allowing for even more good to come into my life.” 

Audrey Johnson

You undoubtedly surpassed my expectations.

"I am just writing to let you know of the notable encounter my cousin's daughter found working with you. She learned several things, with the inclusion of what it's like to possess a very effective coaching spirit to let others without difficulty understand certain hard to do subject matter. You undoubtedly surpassed my expectations."  

Vincent W

Hands down the best presentation I have ever given.

"That was hands down the best presentation I have ever given. I shocked everyone, myself included. :) Thank you for the coaching and scripting. I will continue to use the life force energy meditation daily." 

~Janet Wu

Major shifts have already happened.

“Recently I have had an interesting journey of coaching with the lovely Loago. Please allow me to start by; I had no idea what I was up for. It was pretty amazing what came out and all the unnecessary emotions that I have kept deep in the depths of heart just kept pouring out like a little river quietly flowing down its stream. I have now a clear focus on how my personality type works and it means structure and a map of clarity, so basically for me it is one step at a time. In the words of Julia Gillard…..moving forward now…... I have started on my new journey now that I know how. Loago had asked that I focus on my goals and what I would like to achieve in the very near future. Major shifts have already happened. It is the setting in motion of space that I do have for my new and successful business in 2013.” 

Judy Oehler

It’s like I've been hiding and have just surfaced.

“Thank you Loago. I feel very expansive today like I'm reaching out touching everyone I meet. I feel very different today. Like I'm whole and have substance, not invisible. I feel quite amazing! Everyone knows me today! Like I've been hiding and just surfaced!” 

~ Kathy Jackman

Warm vibrant coach...

"You are such a warm vibrant coach. Every time I repeat my magic manifesting word I am filled with confidence, certainty, and a sense of possibility. Thank you!" 

Emma Gardner

Enabled me to assist my gymnasts in maximising their potential.

"I attended Loago’s ‘Power to Her’ seminar and had a wonderful and fun time. I enjoyed the exercises and found them inspiring and the seminar well-structured for us to get the most out of it. It made me think more about goal setting and inspired me to set my own personal goals in life which I am currently working towards. It also enabled me to assist my gymnasts in setting their own goals to work towards achieving new skills and maximise their potential. Loago presents her sessions in a clear and concise manner she shows that she is very passionate about helping her clients to accomplish their goals.” 

~ Robina Mellows

I am pleased to say I am on track to achieve my goals!

“Thank you for the informative session you recently presented at the “Power to Her” workshop.  I found it thought provoking and came away from it with some well-defined steps to take when setting goals. As a result, after the session I set two specific goals for myself and have been monitoring my progress on a regular basis.  I am pleased to say I am on track to achieve my goals! I would recommend the session for anyone who was looking for some guidance on the do’s and don’ts of long term or short term goal setting, either in their personal or professional life.” 

Katrina Evans