The Magic Manifesting Journal

The Magic Manifesting Journal

Let the life you’ll love be DRAWN to you so you can

live it in pleasure with the daily practices of

The Magic Manifesting Journal.


I'm so excited to share this journal with you!

Filled with fun and colourful hand-illustrated worksheets, The Magic Manifesting Journal will reignite your dreams and turn them into actual reality. Instead of going through life only doing what’s necessary to get by, it gives you direction, clarity and focus to think BIGGER about everything you want - like what your dream job is, who your ideal partner is and what lifestyle truly makes you happy.

It will stand as your companion through your manifesting and life journey. While you fill it up with love, it too grows alongside you. It will help you:

  • Adopt new beliefs and strengthen existing ones that allow you to experience the success you want.
  • Embrace new possibilities that may have seemed incomprehensible before.
  • Develop a deep connection with your dreams, goals and ambitions.
  • Think more positively about your career and financial prospects.
  • Improve your self-esteem and sense of worth.
  • Heal and improve your relationships.

This is what happens when you use the journal:


 First things first…

Do you really want it all?

This is something I've noticed for far too long: many people silence their truest dreams because they're afraid of failing.

Instead, they keep their dreams - as just that - a dream. It becomes something that they can forever fantasize about when they’re feeling low.

They know that if they never act on it, they never have to lose it.

Does that sound like you? Because this is something that happens to a LOT of people.

But here’s the thing, a dream never fails, it just changes to become more in alignment with YOU.


So, how do you permanently change the perception of your dreams

so you can finally start seeing them

as completely attainable?

The Magic Manifesting Journal has the same tools and techniques I used to manifest my dream job, (and later) my dream business, a HUGE income jump - even the four-legged companion of my dreams.

Now, I’m doing what I love + helping others create their own amazingly abundant lives. I’ve transformed myself into one of the lucky ones and now it’s my mission to help others transform themselves.

With this journal, you’ll notice that your perception of the world and what’s possible for you will become unlimited. You will go to the depth of your soul to rebuild an abundance-attracting core and propel yourself into a future of reality that before was only a dream.

Plus, you get the added bonus to completely skip the stress and pain that is a common side-effect of wanting more. That means you give more space to your desires which pulls them towards you.

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Here’s what’s inside The Magic Manifesting Journal

The Magic Manifesting Journal stands as your companion through your manifesting and life journey. While you fill it up with love, it too grows alongside you.


Each day, you'll go through a gentle and fun process that teaches you to live abundantly and thrive - spiritually, emotionally and financially.

The processes are designed to help you:

  • See Your Dreams as Inevitable

  • Draw Opportunities Your Way


So, the real question is: Are you ready to get what you desire in your life - including in your career, relationships, lifestyle and love?

The Magic Manifesting Journal can make it happen with ease.

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Does this actually work?

As long as you’re consistent with doing the journal and completing it, you will begin to see shifts in your perception and life. It’s incredibly important to create a system to implement the use of the journal into your life. This is what I recommend:


This is a whole lifestyle shift and if you want the positive effects to be present in your life, you should be ready to reprint and revisit the journal if you need to be re-inspired - even if you've completed it before.


 The Magic Manifesting Journal IS for you if…

  • You’re ready to STOP chasing your dreams and have them chase you.
  • You’re tired of having your fears, doubts, and worries prevent you from making the choices you WANT to make in life.
  • You want to have more ease, peace, and joy in your day-to-day life.


20 Minutes a day can change your whole life 


We’ve all said “NO” to things that might’ve otherwise been perfect for us. But our fear of failure can sometimes be greater than our sense of curiosity and wonder at life.

When you use the journal - The Magic Manifesting Journal - you say “YES” to being open to all the possibilities that are right for you and THAT draws even more opportunities your way. It’s a tool - a companion - that unlocks your ultimate potential in every area of your life.

Would you really say no to a life that lets you be free to live fully and openly?

The Magic Manifesting Journal will help bring your dream life into reality.

Are you ready for the magic of dreams come true? 


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GoldDustCoach LoagoMadigele

I'm sending you love and best wishes as you embark on this journey to create your life just as you want it.

Happy Magic Manifesting,

Loago Madigele