Coaching & Support

The process of manifesting your goals - whether that means finding a new job, starting or growing your business, getting that promotion, finding love, manifesting abundance or creating more adventure in your life - can be less stressful and more fulfilling and rewarding; if you let it!

With Law of Attraction Coaching, you'll have the energy to bring new vibrancy and optimism to your heartfelt dreams, and gain confidence in your ability to manifest your deepest desires.

We'll start by getting clear about what it is you truly want (very different from the what-you-think-is-possible ballgame; we are looking to liberate your dreams and ambitions). Next we'll create your customised manifesting plan with techniques and methods that will bring you into closer alignment with your goal. Then, together we'll navigate the challenges real life offers in the deliberate creation process and whatever else comes up for you while you’re creating your dream come true!

What you manifest is only limited by what you believe can happen and your ability to change old habits and ways of thinking. (Don't worry, I'm super excellent at helping you embrace new possibilities that may have seemed incomprehensible before.)

Law of attraction coach

Here's a taste of what's possible for you:

  • "My sense of overriding direction has been clearer and I have secured a new job. I recommend Loago to anyone wanting to turn their lives around, and achieve more, quicker and more efficiently.” ~ Aaron B.

  • "I have increased my business network substantially ... and have recently been approached by one of the world's leading financial services organisation to work with them on upcoming projects." ~ Tori Dixon-Whittle

  • Brand new car and promotion in 3 months. "Never for a moment did I think that all these were achievable up until now in such a short period of time." ~ Judy Oehler


Your options for working with me are:

  • One-time manifesting session - $125
  • 8-week coaching package - $333
  • 8-week job change program - $392
  • The Magic Manifesting Journal - $7.95

This could well be the most important investment you make in yourself, and you can count on our work to create a profound change in the rest of your life.

8 Week Coaching Package - $333

If you are serious about manifesting your goals in a very real and tangible sense, then I recommend this 8 week coaching program and ongoing partnership. It's the best way to go if you are committed to real and lasting changes. I will be with you every step of the way as we fine-tune your consciousness to succeed and create what you really want. I am available between sessions for support, to answer your questions and to help you embrace our work together. Can you imagine two months of support and encouragement from someone who totally and completely believes in you and your ability to achieve your goals? Liberating!

Your session includes:

  • Eight 45-minute coaching sessions via Skype
  • Sessions delivered weekly so you can implement and practice your manifesting plan
  • Unlimited Email and Text access to me in between coaching calls for momentum and additional support
  • US$333 Investment

Your move:

If you are open minded, ready for change, and know there's a better way to do life than what we've been traditionally taught, let's have a chat and explore the possibilities.


8 Week JOB CHANGE Program - $392

Having been in a difficult full time job situation that did not match my energetic vibe and going from a high paid executive to starting my own company, I know how hard it can be to find the perfect job.  You know the one.  The one where you get paid for being who you really, truly are and you love what you do every single day. Most people hope for this job but secretly don't believe it is possible for them. But that's not true; your ideal job exists! Join my 8 week JOB CHANGE coaching program where I will take you from hating work to loving life (while working)! I believe everyone deserves to work in a manner that brings out their best, contributes to the highest good of society, and adds more joy and love to the world.  If this is not you today, let me help you get there.

Your session includes:

  • Eight weekly 45 minute sessions via Skype.
  • Email and phone support as you need it.
  • Value Add Assessment Workbook (includes sample interview questions & answers designed to amp up belief in your worth and showcase the value you contribute to any employer that's lucky to have you).
  • US$392 Investment (a pay as you go plan is available).

This is perfect for you if:

You want to change your work into something you love, that is fulfilling and rewarding emotionally, financially, and intellectually. You will experience hands-on support and transformation. The charge is $49 a session (a total steal) for a total of $392 for 8 weeks, and a PAYG plan is available.  Want to know more about how the program can help you? Find out more here.


Onetime Manifesting Session - $125

If you need a quick solution or a brainstorming partner this is the way to go. A single session can help restore your faith, shift you back in the direction of your goals, and allow you to see things from a different perspective. You'll gain clarity on how your current thoughts, actions and beliefs have been holding you back, instantaneously clear old limiting beliefs and instil new beliefs & feelings so that you can begin to experience success. We will also create your customized manifesting action plan which I will help you implement over a two week period.

Your session includes:

  • 90 minute private coaching session via Skype
  • Summarized recap of session
  • US$125 Investment

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, let's chat. I’m flexible in setting up a structure that serves you best.