When All You Need Is A Better Feeling Thought

There are days when things just don't go our way, and trying to hold nice-happy-rainbows-and-butterflies thoughts on a day like that is going to be as productive as me asking Benny the greyhound if he has seen my magic pants.

Tricky thing though is, we attract what we think about, so switching to good feeling thoughts is the first step to turning a bad day around.

But here is the thing – you don’t have to go for giddy and euphoric to change the tune of things. All you have to do is reach for a better feeling thought.

As Abraham-Hicks say:

“I’ve decided that I care enough about how I feel that I’m going to deliberately direct my thoughts little by little into places that feel better and better.”

Once you have found that better feeling thought, hold onto it for 17 seconds, and then another... and soon you will be feeling enormous relief, and find it easier to move your attention towards even more affirmative thoughts.

Here are a few better feeling thoughts that I have found useful when I need to counter my bad-day-thoughts and realign with well-being:

1. Disappointment

  • Sure, this is not what I expected... but maybe this is what it looks like when things are working out for my highest good.
  • I don’t have to change the past; I just have to look to the future.
  • This isn't over yet - my best days are ahead of me.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Everything happens in the right order and timing, and when my turn to receive Good comes, I will be right here, ready for it.

2. Possibility

  • Anything is possible. In fact EVERYTHING is possible!
  • Good things are on the way.
  • I have done my part, now I'm going to let go and let in good.
  • Change happens fast.

3. Support

  • Help is on the way.
  • I am open to guidance.
  • Angels of Joy and Angels of Success, I call upon you to please walk with me and on the path before me, making Joy and Success my way.

4. Confidence

  • I can do this... just one step at a time.
  • I am doing a good job.
  • I am safe and protected.
  • There’s lots to love and appreciate about me.
  • No mistakes, just lessons learned – I’m getting wiser.

All you have to do is feel a little better, then a little better, and just a little more better, and soon enough you'll be feeling a whole LOT of good.

Just reading over this list makes me feel good.

What thoughts will you be using to move yourself into that 'better feeling' sweet spot?

Wishing you the best, peaceful and happiest of feelings.


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* Loago Madigele is a Law of Attraction coach based in Melbourne, Australia with a background in financial investing (former Certified Financial Analyst, Senior Equity Analyst) who uses Theta Healing in conjunction with Law of Attraction to give clients a unique perspective in creating their dream job and succeed in their careers.. She is the creator of the Manifest Your Dream Job program and The Magic Manifesting Journal.