Take This Job And Cherish It

As I get ready to kick off a brand new round of Manifest Your Dream Job round, I asked myself the single most powerful tip I could offer anyone wanting to manifest a new job and thrive in their career.

The answer: Love your current job.

Which can be easier said that done. Especially when there's a stark contrast between where we are now and where we want to be.

So we end up focusing on the very stuff about our current employment that's got us dissatisfied, hence bringing attention to the lack of what we want. As a result, our general mood when we think of manifesting our happy, dreamy new job is one of frustration.

But successful manifesting is about being in alignment with our desired outcome. That simply means, feeling good about what we want. And we can’t feel good about what we want when we are frustrated and pushing against "not having it." 

Meaning, the way out isn't to struggle against what is, but to embrace it ...

  • We have to make peace with whatever conditions we’ve been trying to escape.

Embracing where you are in life is not about giving up on your dreams and goals. It’s about acceptance and freedom.

It’s where the good vibes start and it's what paves the path to allowing new and exciting things to manifest in your career - promotions, increased income, recognition, etc.

So, if you've been feeling frustrated because you haven’t landed that dream job yet, and have been resenting where you are, try out these tips to point yourself in the directionof your dream job manifest (practicing even just one of these can make all the difference):

1. Stop complaining about your job

To your dog. Your partner. Or your sympathetic friends. Every time you tell the story of how bad you have it in your job, the Universe is hearing it as a request for more please. Especially if you are telling that story with passion! So you just have to acknowledge that where you are isn’t perfect, but find a way to not get stuck in the story of how bad it is.

2. See it as a stepping stone

You are where you are supposed to be right now so you can go where you are destined to be. You don’t see the big picture but Universe can see it all. It’s got it all under control and if you let it, it’ll take you on the path that prepares you to receive the best. In the meantime, just relax, be easy on yourself, and be willing to see your job as part of a bigger picture.

3. Find positive aspects about your job

Find something that you genuinely like and appreciate about your job. It can be anything. What about the fact you get paid … even if it’s not the best paying job, it puts a roof over your head, maybe even affords you neon colored undies. Perhaps it's in a good location. Or there's an elevator. Anything  that turns your mind around and gives you a foothold into a more positive vibe will serve you well.

4. Note what you like about your colleagues

It doesn’t matter who’s said what when to whom, you can always find some golden nugget to appreciate about your colleagues. Who’s friendly and always makes you smile? Who has the best jokes and stories? Really notice the best qualities of your workmates and milk them for all their worth to make yourself feel good, better, and happier about your job. This will also improve your work relationships and make a world of difference in your ability to enjoy your work.

5. Treat it like it’s the one

I firmly believe that we all deserve to be happy, fulfilled and well rewarded in our jobs, doing what we love to do. But this joy and happiness isn’t waiting for you in some dream job somewhere. It starts right here, with you, where you are, with the way you treat your current job. You have to cherish the job you've got and treat it like “it’s the one” if you expect it to give back to you, generously. That’s why I say in the live Manifest Your Dream Job program that your job is an offering of love, an offering of yourself. So, do your work with love and love yourself in your current job. Then watch as the prospering power of Love works it's magic and miracles in your career.

Sure you can still manifest a new job even if you don’t clean up your vibe. But guess what? Whatever conditions have been plaguing you in your current job will follow you to your new one. It’ll be different faces and different names, but the same old problems.

So really just find a way to love your job and be as happy as possible where you are. That joy sends a signal to the Universe that it has to match one way or other – with more success and joy where you are right now. Or better yet, with the manifestation of your ultimate crazy happy dream job.

Even if you are not looking to manifest a new job, you spend so much time at work that you owe it to yourself to be happy in your current job anyway.

Happy Manifesting!



* Loago Madigele is a Law of Attraction coach based in Melbourne, Australia with a background in financial investing (former Certified Financial Analyst, Senior Equity Analyst) who uses Theta Healing in conjunction with Law of Attraction to give clients a unique perspective in creating their dream job and succeed in their careers. She is the creator of the Manifest Your Dream Job program and The Magic Manifesting Journal.