Manifesting With Blessings


You know the expression 'bless a thing and it will bless you?'

This is one of the greatest truths and clues to practicing deliberate manifesting.

The practice of blessing creates a powerful healing and energizing force that will fast turnaround any difficult situation, no matter how hopeless it may appear. It attracts and manifests health, harmony, resolution, cooperation, and prosperity. And it will soften even the hearts of the most doggedly determined unpleasant personalities.

How a simple blessing changed my life

After being stuck in a job I had outgrown for years and failing to secure a new position after countless interviews, I stopped applying for jobs and started applying a blessing treatment daily. The results were amazing; within six weeks, I was headhunted for the perfect job with right conditions!

The blessing I used was “Thank you for my job. I bless it and release it, ready for the next person, who will delight in it. I am now ready and willing to receive my new job. One I love, with people I love, and income I love, in a location I love, and with hours I love."

Next time you are faced with a challenge, don't criticize and complain, instead dare to bless and release, and be prepared for joyous, satisfying, even fascinating results.

This is what we bless

Instead of finding fault with your spouse and despairing about the state of your relationship, bless him or her, praise them for their good attributes. Bless your marriage and bless the love you share even if it feels like it has been long lost.

If you are single; bless your love life and bless your future spouse, and he will soon appear.

Your body loves and supports you every day my friend. Return the love with a blessing. Bless it and bless any perceived imperfections about it.

We are going to stop worrying about and start blessing the bills, the phone company, gas company, the bank, and anyone else who has trusted and valued you enough to advance you their service.

Bless your bank account with its less than ideal balance. 

Bless your job, bless your difficult co-workers and hold good thoughts about them.

Bless your business and its wonderful clients even when there are none. Bless your merchandise with selling power. Bless your suppliers. Bless your website with profitable traffic.

Bless it all! And bless it with love. Bless the traffic, your taxes, your debts, legal proceedings. 

As you shower love and blessings on the seemingly imperfect, it will be made whole and the good in it brought forth.

Bless the good as well

Don’t reserve your blessings only for distressing situations. You can also bless the good in your life – your food, your belongings, your clothes, your house, your loved ones, your relationships, and your health. I like kissing my wallet as I shower it with blessings and repeatedly tell it “I love you and bless you. You bring me joy and prosperity. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you.”

Bless the good and watch as it is returned to you many-fold.

Blessing statements

Make your blessing an affirmation; repeat it until you feel a sense of peace, calm (and even joy) about the person, object or condition it's directed at.

  • General - I love my life, and my life loves me and blesses me.
  • Body - I praise and bless the perfection in my body.
  • Money - I thank you and bless you for bringing me joy, I bless you with increase.
  • Merchandise - I bless you with immediate selling power.
  • Challenges - I bless you and I bless the goodness working within you.
  • Challenges - Only good can come of this.

A blessing for you

Make blessing your focus for just one week and you will see pleasing improvements in your life conditions - the 'bad' will soften and the good will become amazing! And of course, I'd love to hear about your successes.

Until next time, “The spirit of success is now working with you, and you are in all ways guided, prospered, and blessed.”



* Loago Madigele is a Law of Attraction coach based in Melbourne, Australia with a background in financial investing (former Certified Financial Analyst, Senior Equity Analyst) who uses Theta Healing in conjunction with Law of Attraction to give clients a unique perspective in creating their dream job and succeed in their careers. She is the creator of the Manifest Your Dream Job program and The Magic Manifesting Journal.


Debunking The Competition Myth


I always love sharing this with clients to help them debunk the competition myth.

Competition is a false idea that stems from a focus on lack and scarcity. A false idea that drives us to believe we have to one-upmanship each other in order to deserve and attain the success we desire.

Unfortunately we live in a rather obliging Universe, which by the law of attraction lines up events and circumstances to prove that our beliefs and ideas are right. That's why the most competitive people have to compete so hard to get what they want!

Fortunately, by the very same law of attraction, a shift in our focus and awareness can lay to rest the idea that we have to compete to get our own, and turn the tides of EASE and abundance in our favour.

The first step in changing that awareness is to consider this:

1) The Universe is no respecter of persons - there is no favouritism.

The Substance from which all material wealth is brought forward is available to each one of us equally and The Laws apply to everyone equally.

Your manifestation of abundance is based purely on your ability to perceive prosperity instead of lack and anyone can increase their prosperity consciousness so they may rise above constraining circumstances. With this understanding in mind, next...

2) Train your awareness on success. 

Seek evidence of it in your life and celebrate it - no matter how big or small. This will align you with the energy of success and attract more of it to you.

And if you have no laurels of your own to stand on, appreciate other people's successes as if they were your own. That is what got me through the scary, lean, panty-twisting first months of my coaching practice. In fact, the first time I signed a coaching client was after spending a whole day celebrating a friend's big win in filling her coaching practice.

Instead of going into a compete-and-compare mode, I was determined to align myself with the truth of abundance, and so I treated her success as though it was my own, and in the end... it was!

3) Know that you have a UNIQUE and valuable contribution to make.

Focus your attention on becoming the best at your job or business and provide the highest quality and value-add for your clients. And be the best at what you do in your own unique way.

When you appreciate your gifts and talents, and allow your unique way of doing things to shine through, you will never have to compete with anyone.

4) Take inspired action.

Listen to the intuitive prompting from within for guidance as to the right action to take so that you may be united with the clients (or jobs or any good for that matter) that are rightfully yours. Hey, sometimes NO action is required on your part - the right people just find you! (After all, what you seek, seeks you too.)

So, next time you find yourself wondering if there is enough to go around, go within andalign your thoughts and emotions with ideas of 'plenty'.

No coveting and no competing loved ones - your Good is available for you and only you, and it is waiting on you to call it forth.

Love and Prosperity,



* Loago Madigele is a Law of Attraction coach based in Melbourne, Australia with a background in financial investing (former Certified Financial Analyst, Senior Equity Analyst) who uses Theta Healing in conjunction with Law of Attraction to give clients a unique perspective in creating their dream job and succeed in their careers. She is the creator of the Manifest Your Dream Job program and The Magic Manifesting Journal.


You Gotta Faith It Till You Make It

If you’ve coached with me before or have been in one of my courses, you’ll no doubt be familiar with this question.

The reason I’ve got so much love for it (Hubba Hubba!) is that, it’s such an easy way to get yourself into that sweet spot where you actually believe in and expect your desires to manifest.

And as any deliberate creator knows, life unfolds according to what we believe and expect to happen. Not what we want or wish to happen, but what we expect to happen.

Yet, even knowing this, many of us are skilled and practiced at entertaining thoughts that create doubt and reinforce beliefs that contradict our desires.

We are fluent in every reason under the sun why we can’t get a better job (tough economy), or be in a loving relationship (all the good guys are taken), or have a healthier body (old age) – and well, that’s gonna be Kryptonite to getting what we want!

But with this one question, you can swiftly dissolve doubts and stack the odds in your favour.

 That question is:

"Why do I believe I can have this?"

Whatever ideal or achievement you are working towards, you have to give yourself a reason to believe that you can have it! That will help usher it in.

Maybe you believe:

  • You can have a loving and nurturing relationship because you are a high-value man (or woman): you are smart, confident, authentic, and charismatic. And your ideal mate will see all of this, and will adore and respect you for it. They’ll want to commit to you - not out of need, but because they want to.

  • You can build a profitable business because the world-over there are people looking for a product or service just like yours to enhance their lives. And when they find you, they’ll know you are worth every single penny of your fee and will jump at the chance to work with you.
  • Sure, there may be many other professionals who are just as skilled and experienced as you are, but no one does the job like you. No one has your unique perspective, charm and personality – and the right employer is going to value all of you and be eager to hire you for your dream job.

So, why do you believe you can have what you want?

As you find answers to that question, you are opening your imagination to greater possibilities and claiming your desire.

You are literally creating new neural pathways and training your brain to believe in your ability to manifest your desire – and that cues the Universe to send it your way.

Yes, it may take practice and patience to find answers to that question, but it’ll be totally worth it:

  • Nourishing your goals with faith and expectation is one of the most delightful feelings. It will empower you to put your whole heart in your endeavour. And as far as self-fulfilling prophecies go (well, that’s what beliefs are), wouldn’t you rather one that delights you?

What this question is NOT:

  • This question is not an opportunity to plead or justify. You are not comparing. You are not saying you deserve the spoils at the end of the pillage because you worked the darn hardest or fastest. You are simply staking your claim on your desire because you are worth it and you CAN have it.

This is your official invitation to try it out for yourself. Pick a goal, ideal, dream or ambition and ask yourself: "Why do I believe I can have this?"

Give yourself at least a few reasons to believe you can have what you want, and tell me how that feels? Hopeful, right?

The more you engage that question, the quicker you'll find yourself moving closer to that relaxed feeling of trust and anticipation that your goal is attainable - and when you do, you are you going to hit a home run:

You are going to be frolicking in the ocean with the love of your life; or choosing the furnishings for your dream home; or scheduling appointments with your new clients. (And I want to hear all about it... so keep me in the loop).

That question again:

"Why do I believe I can have this?"

Here's to unleashing the magic of believing!

Thanks for dropping by. You are adored.



* Loago Madigele is a Law of Attraction coach based in Melbourne, Australia with a background in financial investing (former Certified Financial Analyst, Senior Equity Analyst) who uses Theta Healing in conjunction with Law of Attraction to give clients a unique perspective in creating their dream job and succeed in their careers. She is the creator of the Manifest Your Dream Job program and The Magic Manifesting Journal.