meet loago


Hi, I’m LM. I’m so excited to meet you!

Let me introduce myself, I am the “triple-blessing” GDC. I am a Law Attraction Coach, ThetaHealing® Practitioner AND Prosperity Mentor (yup, that’s a “triple-blessing” for you).

I’ve uncovered something extraordinary and all I want to do is shout it from the rooftops! Here’s my declaration:

Stop chasing your dreams, let them chase YOU!

I believe that there is a power greater than us and that when you become aligned with it, everything that is right for you will flow to you easily and effortlessly.

You might call it the Universe, God, Spirit, Source, Field of Infinite Possibility, or a Higher Power. Either way, once you tap into that power, you unleash unlimited potential for yourself - in every aspect of your life.

I can help you tap into that power by using my “triple-blessing” secret, my 3 superpowers:

  1. I teach you how to use ThetaHealing® (an energy based technique) to help you remove your limiting subconscious beliefs, feelings, fears, and doubts and replacing them with beneficial beliefs and trust in the Universe. In ThetaHealing®, we don't ask for manifestation: we command it.
  2. I train you on Light Body techniques to help you raise your vibrational frequency in order to literally draw towards you the energetic essence of your goal.
  3. We combine these two approaches with the Law of Attraction to condition your mind to accept the new reality: that what you desire, desires you.

By accelerating changes in your body and consciousness with these techniques, you can get everything you want with ease.

This is exactly how my life changed when I started manifesting my own prosperity:

My best and most successful results have come when I have I been clear about what I wanted, applied the LEAST effort and trusted divinity. 

  • I stopped looking for a job and I was HEADHUNTED for my dream come true job as a Senior Equity Analyst with a 30% pay raise and awesome workmates.
  • I was featured on national TV as a Business News Commentator - EVERY MONTH for years.
  • My stock portfolio doubled in a declining financial market.
  • I found the four-legged companion of my dreams - his name is Benny and he is as gorgeous as they come.
  • My job enabled me to save enough and I started my own company with a thriving coaching practice - helping people apply the same principles and techniques I used to manifest abundance and prosperity in my own life (Hint: it’s the one you’re looking at right now!).

For all my successes with deliberate creation, I still know what it’s like to be told all your life that if you put in the hard work, you’ll get what you want. But the truth is, you might NOT be seeing results with hard work alone. At the same time, you’re no where near close at giving up on your dreams.

You can let go of the struggle and you can embrace abundance at whatever level you choose.

It's one of the most beautiful feelings I know of.

And it’s my mission to share that feeling with the world…

Law of Attraction Coach

I’m a LIVING PROOF of what I preach:

In what feels like a completely different life, I used to be an Equity Analyst and Business News Commentator. I loved it, but I was unhappy at the company I worked at.

I was already a high-achiever, I was fantastic at what I did, I managed to get my CFA in 2.5 years, but I felt undervalued and underappreciated – and it was taking a toll on my personal life.  

Everything I was doing just wasn’t making me happy and I knew I had just about enough 

I decided to get out of where I was and turn my life around. But in my search, I was either rejected without an interview or - when I did get wonderful opportunities with top fund management companies and investment banks - I BOMBED the interviews. I never got the job I wanted. 

Finally, I thought my hard work was paying off when I found myself at the end of a 3-month interview process at a multi-billion dollar fund management company, I was one of the last 3 candidates, with equity partnership on offer, but once again I did not get the job! 

At that point, I knew something needed to change and I decided to flip the switch on how I saw the world.

After that huge blow, I had a big cry. I realized I needed to come to peace with where I was at to make any kind of big leap forward. I made the choice to love where I was. And with that, my work didn’t cause me pain anymore. That gave me the space and energy to get to work to prepare for my departure. I recorded practice interview questions and affirmations for myself. I did Theta Healing, Light Body techniques, and reprogrammed my mind with the Law of Attraction.

I began to adopt the belief that the things I was seeking were seeking me as well.

When I was listening to the interview questions, I told myself I would get hired on the spot (without wasting another 3-months of my life in interviews) and get paid what I wanted because they valued who I was. I didn’t want someone to be convinced of my worth anymore. I told myself they would see I am worthy.

Once I started implementing these mental and spiritual practices, everything changed for me.

Within 3 months, I was HEADHUNTED for my dream job – and it was all the works! Several months and huge bonuses later I bought a new house. Fast forward 4 years, I started my own company helping people apply the same principles and techniques I used to get everything I wanted.

So I’ve been there, dug myself outta stinky and ordinary and into dream come true and I know with all my heart that these laws and techniques work!

If you are on a quest to create a more fulfilling life for yourself, you are in the right place. I will help you finally come to the conclusion that it is possible and natural for you to get what you want, and help you manifest your desires in the 'real' world - with ease.

Because when you know you got something good, you can’t keep it to yourself. This is my rooftop and I hope you can hear this all the way to your heart.

Law Of Atrraction Coach

The Riddle That is Me in Dot Point

  • I'm a geek – I hold a Master of Commerce (Honours) in Banking and Finance, with focus on Asset Pricing and Hedge Funds. I can derive the chi-squared distribution and lots of other mathematical oddities. I completed my three Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) exams in 2.5 years instead of the typical 4 years. I love all things stock market and yes, I love sci-fi movies!
  • I'm a hippie – I write to Angels. I love animals, especially dogs and bovines, and I am lucky that my property is surrounded by farms… a 3 minute walk, dog in tow, and I am staring at the cattle next door (they stare back!).
  • I'm a rap star – I have a rap video singing about... you guessed it... economics and the stock market!
  • I'm an OCD homemaker – Don’t ask me clothes shopping but I’ll happily spend hours browsing through home wares and furniture shops with you. I bake the best cinnamon tea cupcakes and there isn’t a surface in the house I couldn't resist scrubbing.
  • I was born in a desert country but I'm a water baby – I love paddle boarding and canoeing around the bay. I have been meaning to do white water rafting!

Here are a few of my happy buttons:

  • Sitting on the sunny side of the porch, watching the birds and the butterflies chilling in my garden (and by garden I mean overgrown weeds).
  • Reading the world’s finest news from the guys who traced back Human Origin to one large goat - The Onion. And then there are the two Jimmys; Kimmel and Fallon.  
  • Watching my favorite comedy, 30 Rock (Dr. Leo Spaceman gives me gigglesnorts!).
  • Going for a walk on the farm with my dog, Benny (borrow a dog if you don’t have one).
  • Painting my nails a bright color (the Happy is in the fumes).
  • Baking and eating cinnamon tea cupcakes (use foil patty pans for extra cuteness).
  • Lady Gaga said it well when she said “Just Dance” ( … and DO I!).
  • Cleaning the house and burning some incense (makes my home feel like it’s flowing and happy).
  • For those days when I'm down and out and need to pull all the happiness stops, I call on Michael Bolton and together we belt out “when I am back on my feet again.”
Law Of Attraction

Words of Praise

"I have increased my business network substantially and have recently been approached by one of the world's leading financial services organisation to work with them on upcoming projects." ~ Tori Dixon-Whittle

"Never for a moment did I think that all these were achievable up until now in such a short period of time." ~ Judy Oehler

I happily recommend Loago in every capacity of her business as I have been witness from the beginning of her Journey to where she is today.” ~ Angela Rojas

Law Of Attraction

How I Can Help

I believe that you are worthy and capable of your highest dreams and aspirations, and that dreams DO come true! I’ve assisted clients in launching new programs and businesses, excelling in their careers, manifesting loving and nurturing relationships and so much more. Ifyou are ready to write your own success story and turn your dream into reality, I'm here for you.  

Private Sessions: For when you want my undivided attention. You let me know what you want to focus on and what results you want to get. I'll help create a customised manifestation plan to get you there.

Wishing you Love and Blessing,


The Magic Manifesting Journal:

Filled with fun and colorful hand-illustrated worksheets, The Magic Manifesting Journal will reignite your dreams and turn them into actual reality. It will stand as your companion through your manifesting and life journey. While you fill it up with love, it too grows alongside you. It will help you:

  • Adopt new beliefs and strengthen existing ones that allow you to experience the success you want.
  • Embrace new possibilities that may have seemed incomprehensible before.
  • Develop a deep connection with your dreams, goals and ambitions.